Born in 1973, Fikru G/Mariam has been practising art since he was eleven. At that time, his family made him join the children's program at the Addis Ababa School of Fine Arts.

In 1986, he takes part in the children's competition organized by the International Children's Painting Exhibition in Beijing, wins a reward and what was at the beginning just a hobby became a real passion.

In 1995, he graduates from the School of Fine Arts and decides to dedicate his life to full-time painting. At that time, most of his works were concentrated on religious and traditional african themes.

After travelling in the Harrar region and in Northern Ethiopia, Fikru finds new sources of inspiration, especially in Harari women. According to him, those women are "highly decorative in the way they dress and do their craft" (The Reporter, weekly newspaper 03/10/1999). Over time, his style has diversified: some depict stylized, elongated African masks, richly decorated.

Between 1995 and 2003, he has exhibited 13 times in Addis Abeba, the last one was at the National Museum of Addis Abeba in February 2003. Fikru also showed his works abroad. In 1999, he exhibited for one month in Dublin (Ireland) and between 2002 and 2005 he exhibited 9 times in Paris and in different parts of France. In 2003, he participated in a group exhibition in Maryland (USA) and in November 2004 he will exhibit in Washington DC. In 2005, he exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris.

Now, Fikru shares his time between Addis Abeba and Paris. His works are displayed in many private collections in Ethiopia, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, England, United States, Canada, Cap Verde, South Africa, Italy, The Netherlands...


-1986- Award in an International Children Art Competition, Beijin, China 

-1994- Award for the creation of a poster against Aids, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

-1995- Award in a national competition for the creation of two posters in the program "Population and development" from the Prime Minister office, Ethiopia.

-1997- Award from the Elisabeth Greenshield Foundation, Montreal, Canada

-2002- Award from the Elisabeth Greenshield Foundation, Montreal, Canada